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Why You Should “Secret Santa’ Even While Adulting

LA doesn’t always feel like Christmas; 80 degree weather, palm trees, and tank tops don’t necessarily contribute to the holiday spirt. So we’re always looking for ways to dig out the Christmas feels.

I got a bit of a head start on gift season this year thanks to a JCPennyand all their cozy throws (and a bunch of other things ) #sponsored but still found perfect Secret Santa presents #AllAtJCP! WHO KNEW!

Whether you call it White Elephant, Kris Kringel, Wichtien, or Secret Santa the purpose is still the same: A fun group of friends gathering to anonymously exchange gifts.

Even if you’re not a Los Angeleno here are four reasons hosting a “Secret Santa” is a great way to seek out the holiday spirit.

ONE: It allows you to buy one gift while still feeling like you’ve exchanged with your entire group of friends. Rather than getting a bunch of cheap ass trinkets no ones wants anyway, you can splurge on getting one great gift. Besides, the best thing about sharing with friends is anything they get, you get too.

TWO: A Secret Santa gathering gives you the chance to start planning for the new year and set your New Year Resolutions. And when your friends mock your 2017 goals, use it as motivational ammo.

THREE: Guessing who’s behind your secret gift is a great way to see how well you know your friends.

FOUR: Most people tend to celebrate Christmas with their family. Gathering your friends for a pre-holiday celebration will give you a solid send off before getting ready for your family interrogations, mama’s turkey, and winter chores.

In the end the holidays are about spending time with the ones you love. While there is no place like home (for better or worse), friends are the family you choose. And if you don’t like the gifts, you can choose new friends next year. JuUuUust kidding!!! 📷


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