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I wanted to change up the usual scent at my place this V-day. So, I popped into Jo Malone’s Beverly Hills location to scope out their candles, defusers and other essentials.

Jo’s got an extensive inventory of fragrance options that perfectly pair home & body. I love their packaging, aesthetic and that their fragrance options are virtually endless, leaving something for everyone.

Another thing I loved about the brand was that you can treat your Valentine & self to their in house hand massages before committing to your favorite fragrance.JML also offers the option of engraving their candles if your looking to add a personal touch to your gift giving.

Personally I like a smokey scent and immediately gravitated to the ‘Orris & Sandalwood’ cologne. In case you cared.

The upscale fragrance house does not disappoint, they’re a fantastic way to scent your home or office and I really appreciate their modern black & white packaging for gift giving. AKA a perfect way to scent your bae and day.


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