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I think I've finally accepted getting older, well, it's more of a realization that I have no other option than to embrace the concept because time is the one thing we have zero control over. Thankfully I have a great group of people to celebrate that journey with, making it feel a little less dramatic.

This year I hosted a "Spill The Tea Party". I think it's always important to give your party a purpose. I really wanted an interactive brunch style food table where we passed around a tea pot of questions aimed to get to know each other better and not take ourselves too seriously because sometimes life gets busy and stressful. I find it's always nice to get a group of people you really appreciate together to remind you about whats really important.

One of the things I've realized is who we surround ourselves with is one of the most important parts of life. If you choose to surround yourself with people of quality and accept only meaningful relationships, your life will be just that. 

I've lived in LA for almost 8 years now. SO many people who move to this city or visit talk about how fake and pretentious people can be. To be honest, that’s not something I can really relate to. I‘ve managed to meet some great people here and I don’t think it’s cause I‘m just lucky, I think you get what you give. Pick and choose what is right for you.

I think I now I fully understand that “This too shall pass.” We’re not robots. We’re not gonna be happy every second of everyday. Just like a wonderful trip to some exotic island comes to an end. So does a bad day. (Pour yourself a glass of wine and go to bed early!)

I also find some people think the excitement ends. I still have just as much fun now as I did when i was 21, I just do things differently! Like, instead of drinking L.I.T.’s I drink scotch, neat… ;)

Okay I'll stop reasoning thing with adult beverages! Haha - Truth is i've realized, just cause your age is increasing doesn’t mean the best years of your life are behind you. So this year I'm celebrating old friends, new friends, memories and everything the future holds.



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