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On a recent weekend outing to San Francisco my buddy and I made the Galleria Park Hotel our home away from home.

While the definition of a boutique hotel isn’t necessarily written in stone, there are a few reasons I gravitate towards the more intimate atmospheres they provide.

Individual Style: One of the main reasons I choose these spaces is they provide a bit of an architectural adventure. These properties tend to have a distinct feel. The architecture and design of these hotels tend to be as unique as the experience provided. In the case of the Galleria Park Hotel, the designers at BAMO combined the existing Art Deco structure of a building built in 1911 with cozy contemporary touches and brightly colored wall art, creating a space that is both relaxing, fun and interesting to look at.

Personal Experiences: These hotels typically consist of a smaller amount of rooms, creating the feeling of being a personal guest rather than just another hotel occupant.

Location: Boutique hotels tend to be located in lively, trendy, hip areas. The Galleria Park Hotel is located within walking distance … or a quick Uber away to tons of shops, restaurants and anything worth seeing in San Francisco.

For me, where I stay is the most important part of going away. Your room is where you go to relax and recharge. While you always know what your going to get at larger hotel chains, I think these days it is easy to research a place before arriving. So if you like the idea of stepping into a building that is unique and more intimate, almost every city has some solid boutique hotel options.


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