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Booking a Pre-set Camping Experience is probably one of the most carefree ways to enjoy a glamping experience.

One big difference between camping and “Glamping” is comfort level. If comfort means enjoying all the perks of an outdoor camping experience without making a trip to Dicks Sporting Goods, booking a pre-set elevated camping experience is a great way to disconnect. 

New York-based Terra Glamping offers spacious tents, plush mattresses and on-site concierge in large tent that feels like a hotel room in the middle of nature allowing for a perfectly balanced outdoor camp experience.

Guests can relax and stargaze without the stress of setting up or breaking down your campsite. Arrive to a lakeside large tent with on site hot showers, grilling area, nightly s’more campfires, lounges equipped with games and wake up to a continental breakfast.  These environments allow for an exquisite unplugged experience to spend times with friends, family and nature. A two night stay is always recommended for a full day to explore and relax at camp.  

Side note: Cell phone chargers provided so you can sleep and snap in peace. ;)

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