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When you’re hosting a group of friends who know you typically enjoy shaking up cocktails, they’ll constantly expect your in-house bartending services. Well, that’s not happening for the holidays – Get ready for the punch bowl instead! #RELAX – My little sis and I have been throwing these together since we were…twenty one. We learned a while ago that a punchbowl is ALWAYS a great solution when grouping friends and fam together, especially during the holidays.

Throwing together a big punch bowl allows you to create a customized cocktail without pouring loads of time into crafting individual drinks. Less work = more time for socializing.

Now, these bowl situations always wind up being stronger than they taste. Probably because I sneak in a little more liquor than the recipes requires. If your friends are like mine, they never listen to a warning. I suggest tiny cups to aide your guests in consuming at a responsible rate.

While I typically make them for my in-home parties, you can also jug them up and take them on the road. They’re a great alternative to a bottle of wine. I’ve previously brought them over to friends for pre-drinks, dinners, cookouts, etc.

And because we want our friends to stay…friendly, a punch bowl can be very sociable. People tend to group around them ’cause … #REFILL!

Here’s my recipe for the Holiday Punch we enjoyed at our Secret Santa get together:

Cranberry Moscow Mule Bowl Recipe – 2 cups vodka – 1 cup cranberry juice – 1/4 cup lime juice – 2 750 ml bottles of ginger beer

To complete the look I added a festive garnish of cranberries, sliced apples, and rosemary springs.

Enjoy responsibly 


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