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I was born in Brooklyn, spent my teenage years in Staten Island, then lived in the Hells Kitchen section of NYC before moving to LA. I don’t remember the last time I actually made my way to the other side of the Brooklyn Bridge, but honey, she up and came!

I rode the East River Ferry for the first time. Not to be mistaken for the Staten Island Ferry, I’ve ridden her about a billion times. 📷

– Quick, cheap and easy ride. Yes, I’m still talking about the ferry.

Living in LA for over six years, It’s been so long since I had been on that side of NY. Re-exploring the cobble streets of “DUMBO” felt like my first time in Brooklyn. What makes that part of NY so great for me is not only how the architecture has been maintained and refurbished, but how that architecture has been repurposed. That is what makes it all really special, and I narrowed it down to four of my favorite spots.

Iconic views of the Manhattan & Brooklyn Bridge – of course there are fantastic views of the NYC skyline but, the real stars of this part of the city really are the views of both bridges. From almost every rooftop and street corner is a glorious view of each bridge, making for great pics and a great “hike” back to Manhattan if you’re feeling athletic.

If you’re like me and you just want to sit and snack, Brooklyn Ice Cream Factory is probably the cutest ice cream shop in New York. Located in a little light house on the pier, there is no sweeter way to share a shake, cone or ice cream sandwich!

I’ve heard about the carousel in Brooklyn for a while, but hadn’t had a chance to see Jane’s Carousel up close. The carved, 48 horse carousel is an unexpected and noteworthy historic accessory that ads tons of character to the boardwalk.

Empire Stores is my favorite piece of architecture in DUMBO. Even while being home to stores like West Elm and resturants like Cecconis, they have managed to make the space feel non-commercial and a perfect spot for a lovely date night or afternoon.

Excited to make my way back and continue rediscovering Brooklyn, Down Under the Manhattan Bridge Overpass.


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