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The kitschy West Hollywood restaurant and bar Barney’s Beanery could become part of a spacey new mixed-use development that’s planned for Santa Monica Boulevard.

New renderings of the project give a good look at the project, which is planned to wrap around the legendary Beanery.

It would be developed by the Beanery’s owner and the owners of nearby restaurants Ysabel and Laurel Hardware, with West Hollywood-based Vella Group.

The project would be designed by MAD Architects, which is also designing the Lucas Museum. Visually, it looks just as futuristic as the under-construction museum—wavy, undulating, and with ribbons of glass serving as windows and balconies.

The project would hold 45 apartments, including 11 below-market-rate units, and 88 hotel rooms. An 80-seat music venue and recording studio would be placed in the development, but below-ground in an effort to minimize noise for the project’s neighbors.

Retail and restaurants—three including a space for the Beanery—will round out the building’s roster. The plan is to have the Beanery return in the existing building, but it’s unclear whether the entire building will be incorporated into the future development.

The project would also bring a new public plaza to Olive Drive and Santa Monica Boulevard to create a connection to Veteran’s Park.

The project is still in its early stages, and a timeline has not been announced.

This Article originally appears on Curbed LA.


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