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Working in and around real estate has me in and out of so many amazing properties on a weekly basis.

The one thing I’ve realized is that you can’t ever get a real feel for a space via photographs.

Often times, a space may photograph better then it is and sometimes the opposite. I’ve seen many homes that look great in photographs but, read way better in person.

Pictures can give a great idea of how a space looks, but not necessarily how it feels.

In a recent walk through I encountered a home that I loved way more in person than in its photographs.

Looking at the photos you can see clearly that the space is a fresh, well designed home, but what you won’t see is just how secluded and peaceful the surroundings of that home really are.

Almost every room leads to a private outdoor space, and the tree lined property really feels like a getaway from the city that surrounds it.

You won’t hear the the sounds of nature or feel the breeze that flows throughout a house.

Another thing you cannot really capture in photos is the flow of a home. How you feel walking from room to room or sitting in the kitchen overlooking the living room.

We often talk about how photos may be misleading and make a space appear better than it is, but what I have found is that stand out houses will always be better in person versus in photographs. So if you’re in the market for you’re dream home, scrolling through pics online should not be your final decision.

7506 Woodrow Wilson Drive | Repped by: Heidi Davis | Click here for details


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