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When I walk into many open homes I often find that although aesthetically pleasing, they often times feel “staged”, which can make it difficult for potential buyers to visualize themselves in a space.

I recently stopped by two homes staged by Christina Nickerson, founder of Olmay Home & Design, I found that I quickly questioned whether the home was staged or the homeowners personal design.

Christina assured me that homeowners have no involvement in the staging of the homes. The homes are typically completely empty and every piece is from her carefully curated collection.

Below are a few ways Christina stages to make buyers feel at home in a seller’s house.

“A home is staged so that it will be appealing and welcoming to a potential buyer. It needs to look stylish but not taste specific.”

“When you help someone design their home, it’s with specific needs of each family member. This is the distinction between decorating your home and staging it to sell.”

“All the houses I do will always have a personal feel to it.  I don’t like it to look staged. I can spend hours making the rooms look imperfect.”

“I prefer not to do one certain style in any room.  I mix furniture and art both in style and trend.  The house should look warm and stylish to a family, or to a single person who is looking to buy a new home. Warmth and coziness is very important to me when I stage properties. And it doesn’t hurt that I really really love what I do.”

Christina’s work ethos stems from an honest and straight-forward approach to living: each home should have a unique style based on a functional utilitarian space. Additionally, her work is always rooted in creativity and inspiration which employ natural colors and well-crafted designs. This practice allows her to transform any home into a sophisticated and authentic space designed to entice buyers to purchase a new home quickly. Christina’s staging talents also lend themselves to home design projects for private clients. She adheres to the same principles of effortless taste. Fore more 📷

Featured Home Details:

Listing Agent: Pete Buoncore @KW Larchmont 


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