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I’ve been a big fan of hosting homemade happy hours ever since my younger sister and I we’re *ahem* 21, and would make spiked lemonade punch bowls for our summer house parties.

Besides coordinating bar service for many events and gatherings I often find myself mixing drinks for friends at home (aka I like getting my friends drunk.) Well, I like seeing them have a good time. haha!

I recently organized an event at the AKA West Hollywood and wanted to create an engaging cocktail experience that eliminated the need for a traditional bartender.

I considered a punch bowl or a beverage dispenser, but I’ve done both several times and wanted to try something new.

I decided to pre-mix and bottle up individual cocktails, and low and behold, it went over really well.

They served as a conversation piece as well as added a great display by the pool.

I’ve since then been asked to re-make these cocktail creations a few times. I’ve included some pics here. Let me know what you think and if you’re interested in adding these to your next event or gathering feel free to each out in the contact section. :)


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