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Part of why we enjoy going away is staying in a whole new place and enjoying the new experiences they offer us. Hotels plan and conceptualize in order to give us a luxurious experience, but an Airbnb can sometimes feel too unknown. I recently joined a few co-workers on a trip to Anaheim, CA for Keller Williams annual convention they call ‘Family Reunion’. We chose an Airbnb over a hotel in order to all be in one place and be able to entertain. Below are a few steps I took/take when walking through the door of an Airbnb in order to personalize an unknown space.

Candles – The way things and places smell is very important to me so I’ll always have a travel sized candle handy and if I’m not flying I’ll throw in some normal sized candles cause #NoSecurity. 📷

For twelve bucks, Votivo makes a perfectly sized travel candle with over a dozen impressionable scents. I love their musky Red Currant scent. 

Towels – I always feel a bit iffy about towels at what really is a strangers home no matter what their star rating is! Who’s used the towels? How old are the towels? When is the last time they were washed? EYEEE DOOOONT KNOOOOW! So, I always bring at least 1 of my own when Airbnb-ing. 

Pillow – I’m no princess and I most definitely wouldn’t feel a pea but, there’s nothing worse then sleeping on a bad pillow. For the most part I stay at the same hotels and typically know what I’m gonna get buUut if I’m staying at an Airbnb, I’m brining my own damn pillow. 

Unpack – I think a large amount of people travel and live out of their suitcases for the entire trip. WHY??? It’s super inconvenient. You can’t find anything, clean clothes get mixed in with dirty clothes; If you unpack the minute you arrive, you’ll know where everything is and your whole wake up and getting ready process will be super easy. A little trick someone taught me was to leave the clothes on hangers, fold ’em into your suitcase and BAM, she’s hung. 

Re-stage – The truth is there are a lot of people that know nothing about the flow of a home. It can sometimes be good to arrive and arrange. Now, I am a tiny bit OCD but I see nothing wrong with moving a couch, getting rid of a couple rugs and tucking away anything unnecessary.

Those are just a few ways I make my home-away-from-home feel homey, homie.


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